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Miniature Tree House

This miniature tree house is the quintessential Daniels Wood Land tree house that comes with it's own tree!
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The Original Tree House is a playful, crooked clubhouse perched atop a large hollow log, and is carved from circa 2500 year old Giant Sequoia Redwood. It’s a tree house that comes with its own tree, and it’s the quintessential Daniels Wood Land tree house.

  • Features

    • Circa 2500 Year Old Redwood
    • Unique Gift For The Man Who Has Everything
    • Packed In Cedar Wood Gift Crate
    • Includes Grow Your Own Redwood Tree Kit
    • Life Like
    • Hand Carved Details
    • Stands On Flat Surface
  • Material Sequoia Redwood
  • Weight 6lbs.
  • Carving Dimensions 5"x5"x9"
  • Gift Crate Dimensions 7"x7"x11"

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Miniature Tree House

  • By: Bill Blevins from FORT WORTH, TX US on February 16, 2016

The rating is 5-Stars! I ordered the Miniature Tree House and it was promptly delivered. I asked for an inscription that said Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary. When it arrived, the inscription was on the bottom as I had requested. This is a beautiful work of art and truly unique. I highly recommend it for anyone. I also praise Daniels for meeting my request. It will make this gift mean even more as it is passed down to future generations. What a great gift, love the show, and many thanks to all at Daniels. Great job! God Bless!

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