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Redwood Carvings

These amazing sculptures are carved from remnants of ancient Giant Sequoia Trees which grew in the forests of the Sierra Nevada Mountains circa 2,500 years ago. The Sequoias producing this wood were alive centuries before the birth of Christ, at the height of the Classical Greek Civilization — the time of Aristotle, Alexander the Great, and the Old Testament Prophets...Read More

Discarded by 20th Century Loggers, the upper portions of the felled Giant Sequoia trees were deemed unusable due to cracking, checks, and imperfections caused when they fell hundreds of feet to the forest floor, often shattering.

Now, Daniels Wood Land has sought out and reclaimed these abandoned treasures, turning them into striking works of art. Every year, millions of outdoor enthusiasts experience the majesty of these giants during visits to the groves where they grow; until now there were no options to legally bring an authentic piece of the forest home. These heirloom carvings represent a special opportunity for you to own and preserve a piece of world history while adding warmth and beauty to your home.


Each carving comes packed in a spectacular hand-made cedar wood gift crate with heirloom tags and a grow your own Redwood Tree kit. Hearty in nearly any climate, redwood trees are fast-growing, and low maintenance. Planting a tree makes you happy, increases the value of your home, and provides generations of enjoyment. It's a simple way for you to make your part of the world a better place.